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_BILD am SONNTAG "Der Sportteil"

Sport ist einfach – wie viele Sportler immer wieder beweisen. Wie schön, dass es jetzt in der BILD am Sonntag einen Sportteil gibt, der genauso einfach ist: einfach zum Rausnehmen.

_BILD am SONNTAG "The sports section"

Sport is simple - as many athletes prove again and again. How nice that there is now a sports section in BILD am Sonntag that is just as simple: simply to take out. The camapign plays with quotes of great sportsmen, just like: "Anything with a curve is bad for our car" (Michael Schumacher) or "As long as I don't lose, the other guy can't win" (Boris Becker). In the film the poor guy is trying to explain: offside.

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